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Quality Control and Food Safety

HACCP - The FDA quality management system designed to ensure product safety from delivery of raw materials through production, storage and shipping.

GMP - All products produced under strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

This food quality standard covers such critical topics as the HACCP System, Quality Management System, Factory Environment Standards, Product Control, Process Control, and Personnel.

BRC Certification

Many brand owners will only consider business with suppliers who have gained BRC certification.

100% Traceability to ensure unmatched quality and management of the supply chain.

On Site Lab Testing
All of our products must be approved by a quality inspection team to be free from prohibited chemicals and banned drugs before they are accepted into the processing area.

Our Lab testing capabilities include:

Chemical & Antibiotic Residue Testing
• Chloramphenical (CAP)
• Malachite Green
• Nitrofuran (AOZ,AHD,SEM,AMOZ)

• Total plate count
• Coliform
• E. coli

• Salmonellae
• Virio parahaemolyticus
• Staphylococcus aureus
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